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Medical Tours is a leading medical tourism company in India operating as a bridge between patients and doctors, hospitals. It provides you with affordable medical care for various medical procedures. The purpose is to offer cost-effective, technology-based, safe, and reliable medical services to people across the world. Medical Tours follows the highest degree of ethics, confidentiality, and international norms. Medical Tours provides complete assistance from organizing your trip to India till you return. The main goal of Medical Tours is that every patient must feel that ‘it was like being home’ for them. If you are seeking medical needs, surgery, or treatment procedures to abroad.

Let us know your requirements and issues so we can provide a complete solution to your medical concerns. We have our offices in New Delhi and Mumbai. We have successfully assisted patients from Middle East & African countries getting remedies for their pains. MedicalTours.Care is run by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and we take pride in our ethical and compassionate care towards our patients.

How Do We Assist You

Our processes are more human. Because what you need at this stage is empathy and care.

Get quotations for treatment / surgeries from multiple hospitals.

Our Experts Say

The doctor’s appointment on goes through a rigorous process of specific type of qualification and years of experience in their field of specialty. They are handpicked to provide you best assistance in the times of your need. In such cases, it does matter what they say about us.


Mrs. Yusuf Folashade from Nigeria

I really appreciate your efforts and service is from the first day. We came and to this very moment so far you can see the great achievement we came here with sadness but we are doing probably happiness back to Nigeria so I am happy because after Sunday was successful and she was able to be happy again so that is a great job, Thank you so much .

Idris Hawuva Baba from Nigeria

I clicked a link by chance absolutely by chance on Facebook and got connected with Medical Tours and from the moment I clicked that link up till now they’ve been very in touch very effective, and the facilitation was seamless and very smooth you know they he was organizing a seminar and I clicked the link and registered for the seminar it was taken by Dr. Raj and at the end of the seminar he said if I had any questions I asked him that okay this is my problem I had cancer before I treated it I had a surgery but it has no records and if there anything so I sent him my all my reports and within 2 hours he has sent me an estimate and possible solutions to my problem so yeah very effective Medical Tours . Very good company and I would recommend it to everybody.

Baby Sumayyah Oyinkansola

We got best quotation with the help of medical tours compare to other, and when we got here, we find out value for money. We meet to the nice doctors very humanly. Yaa more like um get more familiar we us. We like the way we are handled, so far…………… Medical Tour has been very close with the documentation. Very Speedy when we request for document from the hospital. They have been assisting in terms of invitation. It helps to facilitate invitation all the paper we need to secure visa. The response was very timely, and the assistance was very helpful. We appreciate their efforts.

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