Frequently asked questions

Questions, you should have a many, while making a decision to travel aboroad for advanced treatment. We have listed a few questions people generally ask, for your knowledge. In case you have any question, other than these, please write us a mail to hello@medicalTours.care

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is simply the process of traveling abroad to a specific destination to obtain certain medical procedures. Canadians and Europeans have been traveling outside their regions for years to obtain medical procedures due the long waiting periods associated with socialized medicine. Now they have an opportunity to seek top quality procedures, where they can recover in anonymity and luxury at more affordable rates.

Who is using medical Tourism?

People consider seeking medical care abroad for a number of reasons. An increasing number of people are having major medical procedures done abroad due to the staggering difference in cost. Many people in the United States find themselves without insurance or with insurance that has limited coverage or pre-existing conditions. When faced with the need to have cardiac, orthopedic or other major surgeries, many people have traveled abroad for care in order to save money. For example, one can travel abroad for heart bypass surgery in a prestigious medical center with a three-week recovery for under $20,000. The total cost for the medical procedure alone in the United States would routinely be in excess of $100,000.

Why should I consider medical treatments or surgeries in India?

The Clinical outcomes are at par with the worlds best centers having internationally qualified & experienced Doctors. Costs of the medical procedures in India are approximately 1/5th to 1/10th of costs in the west. This cost differential enables you the opportunity to have a vacation in an exotic country, recover in a 4 to 5 star resort in complete anonymity, and then return home having spent less than the procedure alone in your country. There is no waiting time for any surgical procedures.

Is India really a better place to get medical treatments?

Yes, Currently India receives patients from over 80 countries across the world. Here are some reasons behind its emergence as the preferred healthcare destination: The cost of medical care in India is very low when compared to that in many western countries. India has a vast reservoir of skilled doctors. Many of them have proved their mettle in the US and UK and returned to India to work in hospitals here. The caliber of other doctors practicing in India is also of a very high order.

What medical services are available?

Any. From the simplest to the most serious life-saving procedures. This is not to say that all services are available everywhere at uniformly high quality. India, for example, has perhaps the best reputation for heart surgery in the world, alongside the United States. The quality of plastic surgery is renowned in India and sought after internationally.

Is India truly able to offer advanced medical infrastructure? We always heard it’s a land of elephants and snake charemers.

India has all along been a knowledge-oriented nation. However, it never had a chance to showcase its expertise. The revolution in Information Technology changed the rules of the game. And India made complete use of the knowledge base built by its English - speaking engineers to come out and display its immense capabilities. About the costs - India is a diverse economy where a family of four can live comfortably, without debt, on a monthly income of just $300. As a result, the costs of services and products too have stayed at extremely low levels. Now, thanks to the world becoming inter-connected and people being more willing to explore other nations, India has emerged as a preferred source of low cost healthcare. India is an extremely welcome alternative to the prohibitive costs prevalent in the western countries.

Are these cost savings due to low standard of medical treatments in India?

Absolutely not, India has one of the best qualified professionals in each and every field, and this fact is realized the world over. Regarding Medical Facilities India has most competent doctors and world class Medical Facilities India offers World Class Medical Facilities, comparable with any of the western countries. India has state of the art Hospitals and the best qualified doctors. Indian medical standards match up to the highly prescribed international standards. The lower costs are mainly due to vast difference in currency conversion rates and lower costs of operating in India.

Are hospitals in India upto international standards?

India has 34 JCI Hospitals. JCI is a global gold Standard for Hospitals in medical tourism industry. A JCI hospital in India maintains the same level of quality but at most affordable cost. India has several private hospitals that are designed to provide world-class medical care in India. These hospitals utilize some of the best medical equipment that is available world-wide. Travel India Company has carefully evaluated and selected only those hospitals that meet very high international standards to be a part of our network.

What are the qualifications of doctors?

All of the physicians/ surgeons we deal with are highly trained & have corresponding international medical qualifications. Some are trained abroad in the UK as well as the USA and have gone to India to work. Each has specialized in their area of expertise, thereby offering you top notch care and treatment.

How can trust quality of doctors in India?

India has a vast reservoir of world-renowned doctors with a high degree of skill, expertise, experience & worldwide exposure. Many of them have proved their mettle in the US and UK and returned to India to work in hospitals here. The caliber of other doctors practicing in India is also of a very high order.

Do I need a translator or interpreter?

All medically trained staff is fluent in English at our affiliate healthcare facilities. English is widely spoken throughout India, particularly in the large cities. If English is not your native tongue, translators are provided if necessary.

Can I take a vacation or recuperate at a tourist destination?

Yes. Your physician will advise you when it is appropriate to take a vacation or recuperate at a tourist destination. India have many beautiful destinations and we would be happy to make your post-surgical travel arrangements.

Why have you chosen India as a medical tourism destination?

The key features of health facilities in India are:

  • • Top quality healthcare services at low cost
  • • Expert team of professional doctors
  • • High end medical & health care facilities
  • • 100% Trustworthy
  • • Excellent skill set and expertise of Indian doctors and support staff who have trained in some of the best centers across the world.
  • • High end personal care which led to the positive response of the patients who have experienced the hospitality and care in Indian hospitals.

I don’t know anyone in India. How do I cope with my treatment, hospitalization and my local stays & travel?

Its ok if you dont know anybody in India. This means that you can count on special and personalized attention when you come to India for medical treatment through MedicalTours.Care .

Do I have to pay you fees or charge for your services?

We do not charge any fees or commissions from people who want to use the services of our healthcare partners. We get directly paid from the hospitals we are associated with.

If I deal directly with the hospital will my medical expenses cost less?

The price that you get from us is directly from the hospital, is discounted and is lowest. We charge fees from the hospital for marketing their services and serving their patients round the year.

What are the benefits of dealing with MedicalTours.Care?

  • • Price Guarantee – Price that you receive through MedicalTours is the price hospital quotes to its direct patients or the discounted price offered ONLY for our patients.
  • • Quality Check – We work with hospitals and medical centers who are accredited by highest quality standard organizations such as JCI, NABH, NABL etc.
  • • Expert Team of Doctors – MedicalTours lists the Doctors with authentic credentials in the claimed area of specialty.
  • • Empowering You – MedicalTours always try to offer at least 3 opinions from top notch hospitals so you can choose the best for your medical needs.
  • • Seamless Travel Arrangements – MedicalTours helps patients with Visa processing, Air Travel, Discounted hotel accommodation, Food options, Foreign currency and other local nuances so you can foucs on getting better and leave everything on to us. You will be assigned a dedicated case manager who will be your point of contact 24*7 for any concerns during your stay in India.

How do I start?

The simplest and fastest way is to submit enquiry. A patient relationship manager is assigned to you who will prepare your case, share with multiple doctors and hospitals and get back to you with a treatment plan, cost of treatment and other useful information.

How do I pay the costs of the surgery / medical treatment?

The payment modes for the advance payment are as follows:

  • • Cash – In USD or Indian Rupees as required by the hospital.
  • • International credit or debit cards

How much do I save?

Savings can be from 30-90%, depending upon the procedure and the destination.

Any estimate on the cost?

Once you have provided your present condition including medical history and reports, the information will be reviewed and examined by the specialists of affiliated hospitals, accordingly will get back to you with total estimate of your treatment.

Why does it cost so little?

The difference in cost is caused by labor and insurance costs, and not by a lack of quality. India also enjoys a favorable currency exchange rate with the US Dollars which also helps to lower costs.

I have a "special requirement"

Following consultation with us, we will accommodate all special requirements where feasible. Please do tell us of such requirements so that we can make appropriate arrangements for you.

Which all travel documents do I need?

Depending on your country of origin and/or citizenship & country of destination, you will need a valid passport and/or Visa (we can help you with this, as well).

Isn’t it expensive to travel overseas for treatment?

Compared to the savings in the medical costs, travel cost is usually negligible.

Who will be dealing with details of my case during my trip?

Each patient is assigned to a Patient Relationship Manager (PRM) who will take care of all details relating to their visit and successful return & recovery.

What are the important Instructions for International Patient to travel in India?

International patients will have to submit the travel request form including airline, passport, and visa information. Always keep important emergency numbers with you. Credit cards / Debit cards / travelers’ cheque are the safe mode of payment; however in many situations cash would be required, so try to keep some local currency in hand.

What doesn’t include in the cost of medical / surgical treatment?

  • • Any drugs prescribed following patient’s discharge from the hospital
  • • Any care or service relating to any complications that may arise, which is not related to the Patient’s medical / surgical Treatment (additional costs will be charged to patient in accordance with the Hospital’s standard charges prevailing at the time of the complication.)
  • • Any service or care relating to major complications that may arise during the Patient’s operation, which necessitates
  • • Patient’s transfer into an Internal or External Specialized Intensive Care Unit.
  • • Additional costs relating to the said major complication treatment will be charged to the patient in accordance with the standard charges prevailing at the time of the complication.
  • • Any in-patient stay extension in the hospital, with regard to the initial length of hospitalization, in relation to the Patient’s surgical treatment, and decided upon, due to medical reasons, by the patient and the surgeon. In such an event, costs relating to the in-patient stay extension will be charged to the Patient and paid by the Patient immediately to the Hospital.

If I’m taking a companion, when can he or she travel?

The companion can travel with you. He/she would need a valid passport & may need a visa as well (this depends on destination country and country of origin/citizenship). Most hospitals in India allow at least one attendant to stay with the patient while in the hospital.

Do you help in VISA process?

After you have decided on a hospital, we will work with the hospital to get you the VISA invitation letter (issued by the hospital). Usually, patients get a priority VISA through that.

Where do I stay?

The Patient Relationship Manager will share stay options with you. Usually, a comfortable stay starts from USD 20 per day. Before you leave for your trip, we work with you to make sure you are booked in an accommodation of your choice & liking. Alternatively, you can do the booking online. We will recommend you the popular websites to do so.

I don’t know anything about my destination country. Will I be safe?

India is a safe place for tourists. The hospitals and places near to it are verified by us. On arrival you will receive CONCIERGE kit from us about the city and Tips and Tricks to make your stay easy.

Can I book my own travel arrangements?

Yes. You can book the flight and stay and share the details with us. Your pick-up from the airport is complimentary. Our Relationship Managers are there at every step to keep your movement and stay comfortable.

Do the hospitals in India accept health insurance?

If you have health insurance that’s internationally valid/ valid in India, please alert the hospitals about it. If it’s an approved insurance provider, hospitals might request you to get an advance payment guarantee which you will have to co-ordinate from your home country.

Can I know the doctors’ credentials?

Yes, we provide you with the doctor’s professional credentials. You can browse them on our website too.

What if something goes wrong?

The medical centers we deal with have invested millions of dollars & would not like to have the adverse effect of any negative publicity affecting their business. They take great care to make sure that the patient is satisfied, and the results are successful. At the same time any surgery or medical procedure entails risk & successful results cannot be guaranteed by anyone.

Can I have more than one medical procedure at the same time?

Yes, it may be possible. However, this will, depend on the doctor’s assessment of your case. This may be more cost beneficial.

What about "after-care"?

Depending on your treatment you will be advised on the "after-care" program. We help you there as per the doctor's recommendation.

Can I go "sight-seeing"?

Yes, we will be happy to take you around. Check from the Patient Relationship Manager about our complimentary travel plans.

What about follow-up care after I return from my trip?

The Patient Relationship Manager continues to be at your service after your return. We will help you with follow-up consultations with the doctor, reports, medications, and any other help you may need.

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