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About Medical Tours

Medical Tours is a highly acclaimed organization in medical tourism. We assist medical tourists in making the most of their visit to India. Patients receive professional state-of-the-art medical care. Medical Tours has tie-ups with several healthcare organizations. Our partnerships enable access to the best medical expertise for your condition. Patients receive oncology and cardiology services at affordable prices. Beyond core services, we assist patients with orthopaedic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and IVF, to name a few.

Why Enroll with Medical Tours

Medical tours provide medical tourists with several facilities for convenience, including accommodation and transportation. Our team assists international patients through its in-house research on available hospital data. Patients receive results of comparison data and sound analysis for advanced decision-making. There are several advantages for enrolling with Medical Tours:

  • Interactive portal offering information and support to medical tourists.
  • Partnerships with globally recognized organizations in health services delivery.
  • Availability of personalized packages customized to the requirements of patients.
  • Accommodation facilities to meet the needs of patients before and after treatment.
  • A dedicated team of professionals to support patients through the process.
  • Assistance, high-quality treatment, and patient advocacy during the hospital stay.
  • Professional services available through cost comparisons at hospitals across the globe.

Our High-Level Core Process

Before choosing a hospital and specific treatment for an ailment, our team educates patients. Patients obtain information on the experience of the doctor, the nature of the surgery, and pricing. Our choice of hospitals is based on a consistent procedure performed every alternate month. We maintain professional relationships with our panel of doctors and negotiate prices. Our doctors are internationally trained. When patients submit their medical care records, our team makes records accessible to the surgeon.

Benefits for Patients

Patients and medical professionals enjoy several advantages on enrolling in our services:

  • Huge savings on medical and surgical procedures for patients.
  • Reasonable quotes provided by doctors to match domestic rates.
  • Convenient options for patients to avail of high-quality medical care.
  • Immediate access to patient medical records keeps surgeons and doctors informed.
  • Patients get a chance to talk to their doctors or surgeons and clarify their concerns.
  • Prompt provision of quotes to assist patients in booking healthcare services.
  • Booking flexibility for patients so that healthcare services match their schedules.
  • Availability of multiple partners that provide best-in-class healthcare services.
  • Expert assistance for patients through an optimum care manager overseeing five patients.
  • Inclusion of family members in the end-to-end process for sharing patient care information.
  • An approach focused on promoting efficient patient care.
  • Effective doctor-patient relationships for sound decision-making.

Our services help thousands of medical tourists avail safe and professional medical treatment. We help patients choose an appropriate hospital. We also oversee the processes involved in booking visas, appointments, and travel planning. Patients can focus on more important decisions such as selecting a medical tourism destination.

Our team guides patients to plan a successful medical tourism journey and avail of high standards of healthcare. We adapt to changing requirements of patients. Our services cover documentation, round-the-clock support, and comprehensive guidance. In this way, we oversee all aspects of the medical tourism journey. 

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