Buttock Enhancement

Do you want to show off your curves in a bikini on the beach? We realise how much you want those lifted buttocks but can't seem to get them despite working out for hours. While your genes oversee determining where your body stores fat, you can always have surgery to improve your curves. Butt lift surgery can also help older women whose once juicy butts have sagged with age.

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in India

Getting a curvaceous rear is no longer a difficult task. Many ladies have benefited from butt augmentation or butt lift surgery in order to attain their ideal, rounded butt without having to spend hours in the gym.

Women from all over the world can achieve their dream of a rounder and elevated butt, as well as body contouring, with butt lift surgery in India.

India has recently emerged as one of the most popular medical destinations for major cosmetic procedures. Because it is performed at a low cost, the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure is always in demand.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Cost in India: Approximately USD 4,000

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that enhances the size and shape of buttocks, giving it a more attractive and natural appearance, with volume superior to any other non-surgical fat transfer techniques. The Brazilian butt lift technique is an innovative method that uses autologous fat derived from one's own body (or another person), filtered through an advanced centrifuge process to make micro droplets, transplanted into the desired areas. This is also known as Buttock augmentation, butt implants and bbl surgery.

Benefits of Butt Lift Surgery

Did you know that seeing a woman's big butt can stimulate reward centres in men's brains that are normally triggered by drugs, alcohol, or delicious food? According to studies, males like women with huge buttocks and small waists. Butt lift surgery has recently become trendy among ladies. Many ladies are undergoing butt lift surgery without any kind of hesitation or dread.

Apart from improving their appearance, there are various more reasons for women to have Butt Lift surgery:

  • When it comes to getting round, shapely buttocks you can get it done
  • Blood cholesterol levels are less likely to be elevated.
  • Obtain a good overall body form.
  • to re-establish and improve one's self-esteem
  • To achieve quick and long-term outcomes
  • To find a surgery that is both quick and almost painless.
  • Big butt can help cushion your fall.
  • To reclaim the resilience of their droopy or saggy buttocks to defy indicators of ageing.
  • Reduces your chances of getting diabetes
  • Enhance their physical look

Types Of Butt Lift

Butt lifts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Butt lift surgery can be divided into two categories.

  • Traditional procedure: the surgeon removes excess skin, fat, and tissue from the buttocks, pulls the skin taut, and repositions it.
  • Brazilian butt lift: a less invasive procedure that just necessitates a few small incisions and a fat transfer.

Types Of Buttock Enhancement Procedures

Buttock Enhancement or Buttock augmentation might give you the huge bottom you have always wanted. Your surgeon may recommend one or more of the following procedures based on the area and your cosmetic goals:

  • Fat grafting

The "Brazilian butt lift" is a common term for buttock enhancement via fat transfer.

Your surgeon takes fat from your body — commonly the belly, thighs, or flanks — during the Brazilian butt lift treatment. The cosmetic surgeon collects the fat and injects it into your buttocks. The fat injected into the buttocks enhances volume.

  • Sculptra butt lift

A filler called Sculptra is injected into the soft tissues of your butt during Sculptra butt lift. The results of the Sculptra filler normally take a few weeks to months to appear. Only a few sessions are required to achieve meaningful benefits, making this technique somewhat costly.

  • Buttock injections with hydrogel and silicone

Hydrogel buttock shots are a less expensive treatment option for buttock enhancement. The injections have a short-term effect and can also result in catastrophic consequences.

  • Silicone Implants

One of the most prevalent butt enlargement treatments is silicone implants. Your physician will make an incision between the butt cheeks to install the silicone implants during this operation. Silicone implants are used to enhance volume to the buttocks.

  • Liposuction

Liposuction is a procedure that removes extra fat from the buttocks to achieve optimal contouring.

What You Need to Know About Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

Before the Procedure

The specialists will assess you to see if you are a good candidate for the surgery. Discuss your surgical expectations and receive information about the treatment and its result. The consultant will take down your whole medical history, including any past and current health issues, medications you're using, and any allergies you may have. It's possible that you'll be urged to stop using certain medications, as well as to quit smoking. Physical examination of the hips, abdomen, and buttocks, as well as photos of the buttocks for future reference. The surgeon will look for an ideal place to undergo liposuction when performing a Brazilian butt lift. Before surgery, testing such as blood tests, X-ray scans, and an Electrocardiograph (ECG) are performed to assess fitness.

During the treatment

The size and form of a patient's butt is improved with a Brazilian butt lift. This treatment takes about two hours on average. Liposuction is used to remove fat from parts of the body such as the back, abdomen, hips, and thighs in order to conduct Brazilian butt lift surgery. Fat cells are extracted and purified using a centrifuge before being injected into the buttocks at various depths for a natural look and feel. The end result is a rounder, fuller butt that looks natural since it uses your own tissues rather than butt implants or synthetic fillers.

After the procedure

Swelling and stiffness in the buttocks are common after the treatment, but they usually go away in a few days and can be handled with pain relievers. There may be some numbness at first, but sensation will return over time. It was suggested that they take extra precautions to avoid infection. It's critical that you sit or lie down without putting pressure on your buttocks, since this will slow down your recuperation and outcomes. Pain relievers and antibiotics will be recommended for you. It is recommended that you wear a compression garment. Surgeons usually advise being active and taking brief walks around the house to reduce swelling and maintain circulation. Only lightly wash your buttocks on alternate days for the first 5-7 days. You may be able to resume normal activities two to three weeks after the operation, with the exception of squatting and intense activity. Sutures will be removed, if necessary, after 7-10 days, depending on how well the wound heals.

Risk Of the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

While the Brazilian butt lift is a relatively safe treatment, all surgeries carry some risk. These hazards include:

  • You may have Infection. If your surgeon's instruments were not adequately sanitised, or if you did not clean your wounds, you could be in danger.
  • Brazilian butt lift scarring is minor.
  • a build-up of fluid
  • a lot of blood
  • Reabsorbed fat- part of the fat injected may be reabsorbed, reducing the effectiveness of the procedure.
  • DVT
  • Sensation loss that lasts a long time
  • Revisional surgery

Factors that influence the procedure cost:

  • Depends on whether you choose to combine your butt lift surgery with additional cosmetic procedures.
  • Expertise and experience of your surgeon.
  • The cost of the doctor's team
  • The hospital you select, as well as the room type
  • Medication costs
  • Cost of a medical examination
  • Cost of follow up care

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