Our Approach

MedicalTours is just not another medical tourism company from India. Yes, we do have similar hospitals that even other players offer. But mind you, the medical tourism business is just not about promoting the hospitals.

Primarily, we believe that each treatment decision has to be thoroughly evaluated before you spend the life-savings on hospital bills. And we offer you this service from the comfort of your home, by collaborating with a USA based This exclusive tie up gives us access to a network of 5000+ doctors from USA and India across various streams of medicine and surgeries. They help us finding if the patients are misdiagnosed or taking a wrong treatment plan by meticulously going through every test report provided by the patient.

We do not promote anything and everything that bears a Hospital board on top of its roof. We have meticulous selection criteria the hospitals have to go through. The check lists of mandatory facilities and accreditations are long enough to ensure no patient has to be shifted from one hospital to another in the times of crisis.

The doctors appointed on the panel are just not the MBBS cleared freshers. Rather they are seasoned doctors with a minimum experience of 10 years and mandatorily a Masters degree holder.

We have offices in two major cities in India – New Delhi and Mumbai. Hence we decided to keep the maximum focus in terms of the hospitals and doctors in the close proximity of these two cities, so that we can provide personalised attention to patients taking treatments. This strength of the organization allows to offer exclusivity and most importantly, “being available’ for our clients 24*7.

We strongly believe that our relationship should not end once the patients pay the hospital bills and depart from India. And hence, we are actively networking with experts from each stream of speciality we provide the treatments for, to be available for the patients to handle after-surgery crisis, if any.

Wellness is a much needed feeling than just a medical surgery. Surgeries / treatments can take care of the ailment, but it has to be healed from within, you have chosen the best medical tourism destination in the whole world. MedicalTours has tied up with over a hundred Ayurvedic Resorts that offer therapies with exercise and balanced diet plans to bring a much required lifestyle change.

Lastly, being a technology driven company, it helps to;

  • validate the patient’s medical reports
  • keep a track of patients along with their current health status
  • enable patient to save & access the medical reports across the globe.

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