Pediatric Orthopaedic    

What is Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery?

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery

Pediatric orthopedic surgery is a medical procedure that deals with the involvement of musculoskeletal (bone, joint or muscle) problems. This musculoskeletal problem is usually found in children, infants and adolescents. Children while growing, go through different metabolism activities. Their bodies grow differently and contrastively from one another because of these metabolism activities. Some young children who are still in their growing period develop certain types of disorders or injuries. Their bodies react to those disorders and injuries differently. Therefore, keeping in mind that one needs to cater to the needs of these special children with orthopedic disorders and provide expertise in diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions.

Types of Treatments and Disorders

Pediatric Orthopedic comprises different techniques, these techniques are used to treat different types of problems. A pediatric orthopedic surgeon is the one whose precise area is dedicated to the care of musculoskeletal problems in children and adolescents. The growth and development in children happen very smoothly most children. However, in some cases, this smooth process can be disrupted because of both natural as well as non-natural reasons. These natural and non-natural reasons can be injuries, birth malformations, neurological disorders, or bone infection. Medical assistance must be given to the medical experts to treat these problems. The expert must treat the patient effectively and more precisely as soon as possible. Because childhood injuries and disorders or deformities can simply be intertwined or mixed with a lack of precision then the overall growth of the child suffers. Therefore, the importance of pediatric orthopedic surgery can be observed as it is an approach to ensuring the child’s optimal functionality. Some techniques are undertaken and these techniques are used to treat joints, muscles, or bone problems. Under the banner of Pediatric Orthopedic the techniques are as follows:

  • Braces
  • Splints
  • Physical therapy
  • Observation of growth

Certain conditions can be found and these conditions are as follows:

Various types of abnormalities that can be treated with the help of pediatric orthopedic surgery and they are as follows:

Pediatric Orthopedic Conditions

Pediatric Orthopedic Conditions

The phenomenon of growth and development is somehow related to one another and so we can say that there is a condition if we talk about specifically, a particularly targeted opportunity can be achieved with the help of pediatric orthopedic surgery. Hence if the process of growth is disturbed with any of the deformities, then after having the proper consultation one can have all these malformations treated subsequently. For instance, the different types of conditions are listed below:

Given above are the conditions that can be treated with the help of pediatric orthopedic surgery. We all know that a child’s musculoskeletal problems are different from those of an adult. This is because they are in the growing stage of their life. The body’s response to infections, injuries, and deformities is quite different than what would be in a full-grown person. Sometimes the problem or the issue that can be seen in a child is merely just a transition that will get resolved in time.

How is Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery performed?

The surgery comprises many steps; therefore, one needs to follow all the given instructions properly to make the surgery successful. There are steps such as:

Step 1: Pre-op evaluation, in this the nursing team checks and cross-check all the important information of the patient. This information is the vital signs such as pulse, blood pressure, etc.

Step 2: It involves the interaction of the orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedic surgeon will come and visit the patient and brief you about the procedure that will be conducted.

Step 3: It includes the procedural part in which the patient is taken to the operating theatre and there he or she is sedated with the help of the anesthesia.

Step 4: The rest of the procedure entirely depends upon the type of surgery that is being performed on the patient. As soon as the surgical process is completed, after some time the child will get discharged from the hospital and then need to follow up with the appointments with the medical experts.

What Is The Cost Of Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery In India?

If we talk about the cost of pediatric orthopedic surgery in India, the average cost of Pediatric Surgery in India is USD 7,000 (INR 4,90,000). If we compare this price with other developed countries, it is quite reasonable. The pricing varies because of many factors, these factors can be hospitals, surgeon’s fees as well as the city.


Pediatric orthopedic surgery is a medical procedure that deals with the involvement of musculoskeletal (bone, joint, or muscle) problems.

The average cost of pediatric orthopedic surgery in India is around $7000. This cost is not definite as there are factors responsible that affect the cost such as hospital, surgeon’s fees as well as the city.

Deformities that can be treated with the help of pediatric orthopedic surgery are; conditions that can be related to the spine, differences in leg size, hip issues, crooked limbs, angular deformities, knee problems, fractured bone, sports injuries, shoulder problems, etc.

Scoliosis is a very common disorder that occurs in children during their growing years. It is a condition in which the spine curves and creates the C & S alphabet.

It is another serious condition in which the disproportion of the limb can be seen. The limbs include the legs as well as the arms.

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