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Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery

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Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that focuses on the shoulder joint. This can be beneficial for people who are suffering from shoulder pain, impingement, rotator cuff tears and instability. In this procedure, your surgeon will make small incisions in your shoulder to insert surgical instruments. An arthroscope is then put into the joint at these small incisions to help visualize structures and structures within the shoulder and diagnose ligament tears or other injuries in your joint. There are different diagnoses and tests have been introduced for shoulder arthroscopy. The tests for shoulder arthroscopy are as follows.

  • CT Scan
  • The MRI
  • Ultrasonics
  • Physical Review
  • EMG (electromyogram)

Why is Arthroscopy Done?

The arthroscopy is done for many reasons or cases. These reasons or cases can be because of any injury or the pain that a person has faced. Some of the following cases are as follows:

  1. It is used in evaluating and diagnosing the problem of the patient.
  2. It is also done to repair the joint through a small surgery. These surgical problems can be described as:
    • Treating damaged or torn cartilage.
    • Repairing or trimming of the soft tissues.
    • It is also used to collect samples of joint fluids.
    • It is also used for cutting, repairing, or for reconstructing ligaments.
    • Arthroscopy can also be used to remove the inflamed scar tissue of the joint lining.
    • Arthroscopy can also help in the removal of the calcium deposit from the bone tissue.
  3. If the person is facing a problem of severe weakness in their joints, their motions are very sufficient, or if there is no motion at all.
  4. It is also used in the case of medical treatment failure. These failed medical treatments could be because of anti-inflammatory medicines, cortisone injections, and physiotherapy.
  5. Severe problems of pain (in the shoulder, knee, or any other joint), and they are unable to perform the basic life activities these activities can be described as bathing, washing, toileting, and dressing.

Diagnosis Of Joint Injuries And Disorder

The diagnosis of joint injuries and disease can be done with the help of arthroscopy. Arthroscopy is a thorough medical examination process that is very high in terms of its accuracy. It is much more reliable than physical examination, X-rays, or tests like MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or Computed Tomography (CT). Arthroscopy surgery is also beneficial because it can be used for both purposes, in diagnosis as well as in treatment. Treatment is very subjective here. If the person requires serious medical surgery, then they need to go for some other medical surgery. These are some of the most common frequent conditions that can be found during the arthroscopic examination, and these are as follows:

  1. Inflammation: It is quite common of all, for instance, synovitis is an inflammation of the lining in the knee, shoulder, elbow, or ankle.
  2. In the case of acute or chronic injury: the acute and chronic injuries can be described as:
    • In terms of shoulder: rotator cuff tendon tears, impingement syndrome, and recurrent dislocations.
    • In terms of the knee: meniscus (cartilage) tears, anterior cruciate ligament tearing with instability, and chondromalacia (wearing or injuring of cartilage cushion).
    • In terms of wrist: carpal tunnel syndrome.

Treatment Options for Shoulder Surgery And Injuries

Arthroscopy surgery is used to treat different joints of the body; one of such joints is the shoulder. Arthroscopic surgery is minimally invasive surgery. The surgical technique is used to treat non-surgical treatments. In terms of a shoulder injury, the patient needs to consult with their respective orthopedic physician, after examining and understanding the need, then your orthopedic physician will take an expert decision to treat the broad range of Shoulder problems, and conditions & then conduct the treatments accordingly. These problems can occur at any stage of life. Some of these problems or indications are listed below to give the idea about if someone is going through the same then they need to consult with their orthopedic physician. Therefore, the surgery is intended for people who have had any physical therapy, medications, etc.

  • Spurs of bone
  • Stiffness of shoulder
  • Inflamed tissue removal
  • Instability of the shoulder
  • Impingement of the elbow
  • The broken cuff of a rotator
  • Clavicle arthritis/ collarbone arthritis
  • Debridement/ drainage of the shoulder joint
  • A cartilage ring or biceps tendon that is broken or weakened

Therefore, if someone is going through any of the above-mentioned problems then they need to consult their medical experts for the treatment and diagnosis.

There are different types of shoulder injuries and problems, some of these are listed below:

The Procedure Of The Shoulder Arthroscopy

The procedure of the shoulder arthroscopy consists of certain steps that need to be followed some of these steps are given below:

  • Conducting necessary medical tests.
  • Some drugs that need to be avoided are those that are blood thinners.
  • The second thing is the medical history of the patient. His or her medicine and its routine.
  • Before the procedure, a total physical inspection of the area is needed to analyze which area is affected the most.
  • If you have any heart disease or diabetes, then notify your doctors about the same so the necessary precaution can be taken.

During The Procedure Or Surgery

  • General anesthesia will be given.
  • In most cases, the surgery is done in the outpatient method.
  • Arthroscopes will be used to determine and diagnose the problem.
  • And to remove or replace or repair any area of the joint, surgical instruments will be used in that case.
  • Sterile fluids will be used to make the region more profound and clear for the surgery.
  • When the procedure is completed, the wound is covered with stitches or with a bandage.
  • Most of the surgeries take less than an hour, but the surgery or procedure timing varies depending upon the subject or the patient.

Post-Surgery Procedure

  • Your surgeon will create a proper recovery plan for you.
  • There will be pain and discomfort for about a week and after that, the pain soothes away.
  • The shoulder will tend to swell, to reduce the swelling an ice pack will be an ideal solution.
  • There will be pain-reducing drugs, patients need to take these drugs as per their prescription.
  • Recovery depends upon the effectiveness and the type of repair that procedure performed hence, regular follow-ups are important.
  • The person will be kept under observation in the hospital for at least 2-3 hours after the surgery. The time varies depending on the requirement.
  • Depending upon the surgery the patient needs to use a sling or an immobilizer to cover their shoulder. Moreover, they can also reach out to physical therapists as well if the surgery requires it.

Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery Cost In India

The Cost of Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery in India is an affordable and effective treatment. The average cost will be approx. USD 1063 to 3204 (INR 8,43,00 to 2,54,091). And it varies depending upon the city, hospital, etc. Apart from this, certain factors are also responsible for affecting the cost of shoulder arthroscopy surgery. And these are as follows:

  • Therapy
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • The sort of sign
  • Hospital position
  • Diagnostic evaluations
  • Type of repair required
  • Type of surgery required


It is a surgical technique that is used to diagnose and treat problems in the joints.

If the joint strength is not recovered, if the pain can be felt, moreover, if the overall functionality of the joint is affected, then one can go for an arthroscopy procedure. This will help in all the above-mentioned areas.

It is more effective than other surgeries. It takes less time and small incisions are made. The success rate can be as high as 90% in the case of shoulder dislocation repair. Whereas, in impingement or rotator cuff tears it is around 95%.

The average cost for shoulder arthroscopy in India is around USD 1063 to 3204 (INR 84,300 to 2,54,091) and the cost is not finite to this amount in fact it varies.

Naturally, an hour or two entirely depends upon the type of complication you have.

Arthroscopy is a procedure to check the joints for pain or damage. It further leads to a diagnosis that would be ideal to treat the joint and is, in most cases, a permanent fix for the patient.

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