Why is Medical Tourism in India?

India is now becoming known as a top medical tourism destination. International patients are visiting India for medical treatment and relaxation. India has world-class medical facilities, and the hospitality industry is good, too. Together, these factors have boosted medical tourism in India. While many factors are responsible for the growth of Medical Tourism in India, here are the top reasons why India is a preferred destination for Medical Travelers.

1. An Economical Options in South Asia

India is a top choice for medical travel for patients from Bangladesh, Oman, Iraq, UAE, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, and other countries. For these countries, India is the closest country where they can get world-class treatment at an affordable budget. While this benefit is also available for patients from African, Middle Eastern, and Asian countries who want to get their high-quality treatment done at low cost.

2. Skilled Doctors

Today, doctors from India are known for their expertise and leading positions in hospitals in every corner of the world. After 1947, India has given good priority to scientific & medical education and also invested in medical college institutions and research centers like the (AIIMS), (ICMR), (NECRBHR), Madras Medical College, Calcutta Medical College, and many more. As a result, the country produces 40000 to 50000 qualified medical graduates and post-graduates annually.

3. Availability of Cheap Medicines

The availability of drugs is cheaper in India compared to a developed country. India world’s largest drug exporter that makes and supplies over 20% of generic medicine globally. India’s Pharmaceutical Industry was valued at US$40 billion in 2021. Since the cost of medicines accounts for a good percentage of overall treatment cost, patients get a good reprieve in terms of medical costs when they come for treatment in India.

4. Affordable Accommodation & Travelling

Medical tourists always travel with some family members or friends. Any treatment demands considerable days of stay post‐surgery. In this condition, medical tourists can easily find affordable travel convenience and Hotels rooms cheaper in India than in the US or Europe and hence, helps reduce total expenses associated with treatment abroad.

5. No Language Barrier

English is widely spoken in India and probably the only common language throughout the country. The majority of the hospital’s staff can speak fluent English. Additionally, most of the private hospitals have foreign language interpreters for their patients who speak Arabic, Bengali, Russian, French, Uzbek, and other languages. Thus, patients do not face language barriers, get the treatment done, and experience the country without hassle.

6. Alternative Medicine

India was a global hub of Ayurveda before the development of Allopathy medicines. India is considered the birthplace of Yoga. Thus, India gets a high number of patients for alternative treatment, yoga, and meditation. Many patients also prefer to spend some time in a yoga & meditation resort after completion of treatment for holistic healing after their medical treatment.

7. e-Medical and Medical Attendant Visa

The e‐tourist visa, launched in 2014 to streamline, ease, and expedite the travel procedures and protocols for medical tourists has since been updated to include medical attendant visas. Additionally, separate immigration counters and facilitation desks have been set up at major Indian airports to provide end-to‐end support. Additionally, separate immigration counters and facilitation desks have also been set up at major Indian airports to provide end-to-end support and facilitation. Owing to these facilities and logistical support systems, the number of Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) in India on the medical visa have grown over the last decades.

8. Modern Healthcare Facilities and hospital

India is an emerging country, and it gives a lot of importance to having a strong yet updated healthcare system. One of the ways to achieve that is by having modern medical technologies and recent diagnostic equipment in the hospitals. With each passing day, primary and secondary treatment facilities are getting stronger in India. Major cities have the most technologically advanced equipment in most major government and private hospitals.

9. Government of India Support

The Government of India has been taking crucial steps and interventions to reduce waiting time and ensure hassle-free travel, stay, and treatment for medical patients and attendants.

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